Dr Z Route 66 Clone


Custom Built Dr Z Route 66 Clone

Professionally built on a custom made aluminium chassis with a superb solid oak dovetail jointed head box.

2 X Sovtek KT66 power valves, giving 30-35 Watts.
1 X EF86 (new old stock)
1 X JJ ECC83

Ive recently added a master volume control to ‘tame the beast’ & glazed the front panel to show off the workings.

About the Dr Z Route 66
The Route 66 is an all original Dr. Z design based on the incredible KT-66 tube originally built by Genelex. This tube generates the “Milkshake Thick” tones, as heard on John Mayall’s “Bluesbreaker” album featuring Eric Clapton (the “Beano Album” as it is known to many).
This is not a duplicate of the Marshall JTM-45, but completely original spin with new tonal end results. The Route 66 has an EF-86 front-end. For those not familiar with this tube, it is a 9 pin pentode that offers incredible gain and input dynamics. It is normally used in high-end stereos, most often for its accurate transfer of input signal, balance, and headroom.

The Route 66 features a deceptively simple tone stack, consisting of Volume, Bass, and Treble, which feeds a non-negative feedback Phase Inverter, for true harmonic content and full output tube dynamics.

I fell in love with amp very quickly – I’ve owned a 1966 JTM45 and this comes ridiculously close to that tone..if not excelling in some areas. However, as with the JTM, roll back the single volume and it loses clarity. I got tired of grief from front of house PA guys about the excessive volume’s I was having to play at in order to achieve the ‘magic’ tone and have recently added a master volume to try and make it more manageable. Currently, I am undecided.

I know if I only played stadiums then it would the one – no effects, and a waa pedal & a booster for leads – with the addition of a tube powered vibrato and ideally a reverb too , this has the potential to be my ‘perfect’ rock amp.

Initial tests at lower volumes with a pedal infront haven’t thrilled me, but I’m not ready to give up on it yet.


2 thoughts on “Dr Z Route 66 Clone

  1. Hey man love your 66 …..I know just enough to make me dangerous have recapped 1941 rauland pa and 51 stromberg Carlson 209
    and a Ga6 clone.
    Am thinking about the 66 with your master vol “very cool” what transformers did you use if you don’t mind me asking cheersMike thanks for your time…

  2. Yeah, that Route 66 looks killer! Ditto on the transformers. What did you end up using? I just finished building a Matchless DC30 knock off. I built it from scratch, but Vintage Tone and Hammond both make replica AC30 transformers. I used the Hammond for power and a Vintage Tone for the choke and the output.

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