Marshall 5005 Lead 12


Marshall 5005 Lead 12

The Marshall Lead 12 was in production from sometime in the mid 1980s until 1991 and was a small solid state practice amp said to be part of the famous JCM800 range, and its claim to fame is that the model features on ZZ Top’s “My Heads In Mississippi”.

It is a 12 watt solid state combo in a very small cabinet, featuring a 10 inch Celestion G10, which is an exceptionally good speaker. The amp has a single channel featuring 2 inputs (hi and low sensitivity), a headphone jack, a direct output, and very simple gain, volume, treble, middle and bass controls. It’s pure simplicity as this amp was made back in the day when Marshall amps were built for one thing – tone.

A great little fun practice amp with a surprisingly sweet growl with the gain wound up


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