Fender Stratocaster 70’s Vintage Reissue 1986

In the mid 80’s when the CBS era USA Fenders were at a shocking low point in build quality, the Japanese builds were proving to be superb.
This  Fender Japan 70’s reissue with a rosewood neck in matured ivory white is a left hander, allowing me to reverse the nut  & restring ‘upside down’ for the classic Hendrix vibe!

This one was built in the Fujigen factory in Japan between 1984-87. It has the period correct large headstock and the 3 bolt neck plate. I had her refretted with chunky frets by Phil Boot in the early 90’s.

In March of 1985, the CBS Corporation sold Fender to a group of private investors. The serial numbers do not reflect the change, as Fender continued to make instruments using existing tooling, parts, and serial number schemes

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