Custom 50’s Stratocaster

I bought this 1990 Squier Strat second hand in 1991 in bright red, and with the addition of an Ibanez V2 pickup in the bridge (as fitted to the Ibanez Destroyer & Iceman of the period), used it as my main live guitar right through the 90’s. I added the white cellulose spray job & had a Phil Boot refret around 1993.

In 2014 I started a building a new body from scratch with a 2 piece slab of Cuban mahogany,  adding a Mapa Burl veneer & finished in a classic late 50’s feel sunburst.

Parts list

  • Kluson Vintage Tuners
  • Ironstone ‘Hybrid’ Alnico V Pickups. Resistance ( +/- 5%) Bridge 9.1K, Middle 7.7K, Neck 7.7 K
  • Genuine Oak Grigsby 5 Way Selector
  • New CTS Pots
  • New Pearl Effect Scratchplate & Knobs
  • Cuban Mahogany 2 Piece Body
  • Mapa Burl Veneer


For pictures of the body build project, click here

Using this guitar over the years

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