Banjo Truss Rod Repair

I’ve had the banjo for about 5 yrs and its never been playable above the 5th fret because of a bow in the neck. I was aware of this when I bought the instrument, but it had good hardware & sounded fantastic so assuming that the truss rod would allow me to set it up right, I bought it anyway. Turns out that the truss rod adjustments were having no effect at all.

After using steam to soften the glue, I managed to ease off the finger board to reveal the problem. There was no washer fitted to the truss rod for adjustment nut to tighten up against.
I added the washer and then made & fitted another filler strip before gluing back together & then filled a couple of light cracks where the neck had got damaged. Finished off with  a coat of black aerosol and some heavy t-cutting.

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